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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can stair rods be used to hold my runner in place?
Stair rods are for decorative purposes only. You will need to use staples, tacks, adhesive pad, tack strip or some other means to attach your runner to the stairs.

How should I figure out the length of stair rod I should be ordering?
It is recommended by the manufacturer that you order stair rods at least 1 ½ inches longer than the runner length. This will give you ¼ inch space between the bracket and runner.

It appears my runner is a non-standard size. Can stair rods be cut to size?
Yes, stair rods are easily cut to size with a hacksaw or you can request we cut them for you. The manufacturer recommends a hacksaw blade with 12 to 24 teeth per inch for a smoother cut.  Please remember, once a stair rod is cut it becomes a non-returnable item.

Can stair rods be placed over my existing carpet?
Yes, just use longer screws (typically 1 ½” or longer) which can be easily found at a local hardware store.

Can I clean stair rods once they have been installed?
The stair rods we offer have a protective lacquer coating. This will help to resist tarnishing. Just clean rods with a dry soft cloth. Remove stair rods if you will be cleaning your carpet or runner with liquid or chemicals. Simply reattach when area is dry.

I see there are tubular (hollow) and solid core stair rods. Are the hollow stair rods as durable as the solid core rods?
Both rod types are equally durable and under normal use the tubular rod will not dent.

Is it possible to bend stair rods for use on curved stairs?
Yes, the manufacturer recommends using solid stair rods from the Dynasty or Heritage collections. Once stair rods have been bent they become a non-returnable item.

A coupon code I've found on a coupon sharing website is not applying. Why is this?
Third party coupon sharing sites have codes and offers submitted directly by users. Floor Resources LLC does not supply codes to this site. If you have any questions about a code you may have found, please call us and verify with our staff.

How do I install stair rods?

PDF instructions for installing stair rods are given below:

Stair Rod Collection
Grand Dynasty

Wall Hangers FAQ

How do I figure out the length I will need to order for my wall hanger?
Legacy Adjustable Wall Hanger
When Using Wall Clips - Adjust the hanger to exact length of rug or tapestry. If the hanging is 48 inches, then order the adjustable 48 inch hanger.

When Not Using Wall Clips - Order wall hanger 1 ½ inches longer than the width of your tapestry. If the item you are hanging is 50 inches then you would need to order the Legacy Wall Hanger that adjust to 51 ½ inches long.

Regency and Grand Regency Wall Hangers
These have add-on sets for when the hanging is longer than 36 inches. The wall hanger should be 1 ½ inches longer than the tapestry.

Remaining wall hangers should be 1 ½ inches longer than what you are hanging.

Can the wall hanger be cut to size if my hanging is shorter?
You can cut the wall hangers with a hacksaw. Wall hangers that have been cut are not returnable. If desired, we can cut the wall hanger to size. Again, this item would not be returnable once it has been cut.

How much weight can the wall hanger hold?
Properly installed, the wall hanger clips can hold 10 pounds of weight per foot. Call to order additional clips for hangings that are heavier.

I want to clean my wall hanger. How would I clean it?
Use a dry soft white terry cloth. Remove wall hanger(s) when cleaning surrounding areas with liquids or chemicals.

Some of my tapestries have loops or sleeves on them. Can I still use your wall hanger with them?
Yes, because of the open brackets you can use the Zoroufy line of wall hangers with loops or sleeves.

How easy are wall hangers to install?

PDF printable installation instructions are given below:

Wall Hangers



Grand Regency

What is your return policy?
Check out our Shipping & Returns webpage for the most current information.
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