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Zoroufy Stair Holds:
     Welcome to our Zoroufy Stair Holds page, also referred to as stair clips. The regular style stair holds are available in polished brass and antique brass. The decorative style stair holds are available in eight finishes: polished brass, brushed brass, antique brass, chrome, satin nickel (silver), antique pewter, wrought iron, and oil-rubbed bronze. All Zoroufy stair holds come in pairs. The tables below show what the stair holds look like with the clip folded-out for installing, and folded-in, after installation. All stair holds are 100% brass, and are 4" long, in the folded-in position.
Stair Holds in the folded-out position for installing:
Zoroufy Stair Hold       Zoroufy Decorative Stair Hold

Stair Holds in the folded-in postion after installation:

Zoroufy Regular Stair Holds:
Zoroufy Decorative Stair Holds:
Polished Brass
Zoroufy Polished Brass Regular Stair Hold
Zoroufy Polished Brass Decorative Stair Hold

Brushed Brass

Zoroufy Brushed Brass Decorative Stair Hold
Antique Brass
Zoroufy Antique Brass Regular Stair Hold
Zoroufy Antique Brass Decorative Stair Hold
Zoroufy Chrome Decorative Stair Hold
Satin Nickel
Zoroufy Satin Nickel Decorative Stair Hold
Antique Pewter
Zoroufy Antique Pewter Decorative Antique Pewter
Wrought Iron
Zoroufy Wrought Iron Decorative Stair Hold
Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Zoroufy Oil Rubbed Bronze Decorative Stair Hold

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